Boys 13-17 Years

Jordan Brown is a 13 Year old aspiring Actor. He is good in an American and British accent. He recently added a Scottish accent. Jordan speaks English and Afrikaans.

Wesley Smit is a 13 year old actor. He is passionate about Afrikaans and music whilst also keeping up the times. He likes sport but loves acting and is aspiring to take over the industry with his talent. Wesley speaks Afrikaans and English.

Dylan Slembrouck is a 14 year old comedian. He is an actor and singer with great comic timing. He speaks English. Dylan has his own YouTube channel at @Houndyl

Greytin Pretorius is a serious actor. He is 15 years of age and is unstoppable when it comes to drama. He is fluent in both Afrikaans and English and can do accents in British, American and Italian.