Boys 13-17 Years

Mohau Molapo is 13 years old. He is an avid actor that speaks both English and Sotho

Daniel de Dominicis is a 13 year old actor. He plays the guitar speaks English and does British, Australian and Indian Accents.

Ashton Mitchell is a 14 year old actor. He plays the piano rides horses and can mimic many accents. He dances freestyle, speaks English and does a superb Scottish accent.

Caiden Bouwer is a 15 year old actor that loves playing the guitar and singing in his band. He is also a magnificent gymnast. He speaks Afrikaans and English.

Hendré Calitz is a 14 year old actor. He loves reading, playing golf and singing in his school choir. He speaks Afrikaans and English and is currently learning French.

Jordan Brown is a 15 Year old aspiring Actor. He is good in an American and British accent. He recently added a Scottish accent. Jordan speaks English and Afrikaans.

Wesley Smit is a 15 year old actor. He is passionate about Afrikaans and music whilst also keeping up the times. He likes sport but loves acting and is aspiring to take over the industry with his talent. Wesley speaks Afrikaans and English.

Thommi Swanepoel is an amazing 15 year old actor with a love for acting. He speaks Afrikaans and English.

Za Mvubelo is a 16 year old confident guy. He loves acting and everything about it and can even hold himself as an MC. Za Speaks English.