Girls 9-12 Years

Freida Mundy is a 9 year old super little actress. She speaks English. She has done some amazing work as a professional already.

Anouk Kane-Smith is an 9 year old actress and muso. She is very interested in art and plays the guitar. Anouk speaks English, Afrikaans and Dutch.

Kenzie Malan is an 10 year old passionate little girl. She acts, dances and sings. She is a synchronised swimmer on a competing level. Kenzie speaks English.

Mongi Majola is a 10 year old Super star in the making. She is currently on Imbewu and speaks English and Zulu.

Isabella Cohen is a 10 year old triple threat that loves to perform. She speaks English.

Lana Caily Bouwer is a 11 year old. When she is not acting, singing and dancing, she is mesmerising audiences with her gymnastic abilities. She speaks Afrikaans and English.

Emily Molathlegi is an 11 year old actress. She is magnificent in drama. She is also an athlete and sports girl. Emily can do an IsiXhosa accent and speaks Setswana, English and a bit of Afrikaans.

Jadi Malan is 11 years old. She’s a dancer and actress. In her free time she is an amazing synchronised swimmer. Jadi is English.

Méla Swanepoel is a 12 year old actress. She loves dancing and has just starred as the lead in a Flieknet movie called Monster in die Kas. Méla speaks Afrikaans and English.

Milli Seekins is an aspiring actress aged 12 years. She speaks English and can do American and British accents. She plays the piano and a little Ukulele.

Erica J van Staden is an 13 year old actress that understands comedy very well. She is also a dancer. At her young age, she can also do British and Australian accents.

Onalerona Rangwanga is a personality of note. She is a new actress and can speak English and Setswana.