Boys 9-12 Years

Reyhaan Ribnick is a 9 year old funny man. He is an aspiring actor with a lot of talent. He plays the piano and speaks English.

Ofentse Thabo is a 25 year old actor with loads of experience. He speaks English, Tswana, Spitori and a bit of Afrikaans. CV on request.

Elton Jeke is a 11 year old Actor with lots of swagger. He speaks English.

Lehan Swanepoel is a 12 year old Hip Hop dancer. He is also an amazing actor that has recently filmed on a new Afrikaans drama series. He speaks Afrikaans and English.

Henroux Roux is a one of a kind 12 year old actor. He does martial arts in his free time but mostly loves everything acting. He does accents in American, British, Australian, Scottish and can do many a character voice.